farm fresh vegetables delivered and hand-cut daily
meticulously hand-crafted sauces
fresh ideas, like our spicy tzaztiki and honey jalapeno sauces
all items are created with locally sourced* ingredients
we strive to bring every customer a fresh experience


we aim to provide a speedy and professional order experience
no delivery fee, or minimum
efficiently serving one of tampa’s largest delivery zones
from phone to you, we aspire to provide a swift, and accurate delivery


bring a fresh and healthy perspective to feeding the whole family or work function.
healthy for the environment, with our new bio-degradable containers
we took inspiration from the mediterranean diet, to provide you a healthier option during your busy day

Our Story

Gogos Greek Grill is the vision of three childhood friends – Mike, Greg and Dianysios – who grew up in the ethnic neighborhoods of Queens, New York. In those formative years they developed a love and appreciation of Greek, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Armenian foods. In typical Greek-American fashion they spent many hours learning how to cook in their family kitchens, and it was while cooking in their Uncle Gogos’ grill that they dreamed about one day opening a Greek restaurant. But as time went on life took them in different directions leading each to different careers in the restaurant business.

Individually, each was very successful with various food ventures including: Riss Coffee Shop & Dion’s Deli in New York; Zudar’s Deli and The Rack in Tampa; and Grille 54 in Trinity. Yet they never attempted to open their dream business to highlight their love for Greek and Mediterranean flavors. Eventually, they opened- Gogos Greek Grill- in honor of their Uncle Gogos!

Their vision is to simply make great tasting Greek food using only fresh ingredients and natural products- free of any hormones, preservatives or additives. At Gogos we take age-old culinary traditions and mix in a touch of the new to meet the needs of today’s fast paced life while still offering great taste and value. We give a fresh twist on classic Greek sandwiches and salads as well as additional recipes from across the Mediterranean.

We’re confident that you’ll love our food and we look forward to hearing your feedback- Or better yet, just drop by, have a bite, and say “Hi” to Dion and the Gogos team!

We carry all natural meats. There are no additives, hormones or preservatives to ensure a fresh and healthy meal.